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The Fountain Plating Company was founded in February 1944 when a service named Electro Analysis Laboratories was opened by Laurence R. Fountain in a garage at Courtland Street, Springfield, MA. Mr. Fountain, who up until that time, had been an electro chemist with the Westinghouse Corporation, realized there was a need within the metal finishing industry for qualified analysis and consultation services in regard to electroplating. It soon became apparent to Mr. Fountain that there was also a void in knowledge about electroplating techniques beyond that of the consultation level. As a result, Fountain Plating Company was established to accept electroplating assignments.

In July 1956, the Company, in desperate need of additional processing space, acquired the former Stevens-Duryea Paint facility on Western Avenue in Chicopee Falls, MA. This 12,000 square feet of extra floor space allowed Fountain Plating to accept the increased level of assignments manufacturers were requesting the company to handle.

In March of 1967 with an eye on future expansion, Fountain Plating Company purchased a 6-acre site in the West Springfield Industrial Park, and in April of 1968, ground was broken for a new 50,000 square foot facility. This site would house not only the corporate offices but also one of the most advanced facilities in the industry for metals testing, metal and organic finishing.

This expansive new facility was designed to include one of the finest metallurgical and chemical laboratories in the East. It allows Fountain Plating even greater latitude in its continuing program of Research and Development of new products in the electro chemical field. The West Springfield facility enables us to proudly boast of one of the largest custom and production plating sources in the Northeast, ideal for rendering an even greater range of service to our many customers in the electronic, aircraft and aerospace industries.

Committed to the future

Fountain's growth and longevity are the result of a company-wide commitment to improvement of process operations and environmental health and safety. Metal finishing has traditionally required the use of materials classified as hazardous or toxic. The Fountain Plating research and development laboratory and engineering group have collaborated to develop alternative chemistries with greatly reduced environmental impact. Clients have amended specifications to include these new, "green" chemical solutions. Fountain Plating has also invested in advanced technologies such as ion exchange and electrolytic metal recovery. In an effort to attract and maintain qualified employees the company provides an advanced, in house technical training program.

Success is the only option

Every industry requires parts that deliver performance without compromise. Ensure success. Turn to Fountain Plating for the solutions that perform.

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